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Welcome! It’s 2am on a random Saturday morning in October and for some reason we thought it’d be a neat idea to start our very own Twitties UK Blog – as if we don’t work hard enough trying to update the main website as it is!

I guess the purpose of this Blog is to introduce you to the inner workings of the Twitties UK team – to provide a more ‘human’ aspect to the website, if you will. We hope to bring you right up-to-date on all the latest updates in the world of Twitties UK and other assorted adult online content, whether that be new features and improvements to the main website, or general snippets of news we assume you may take interest in. We’ll also reblog other tidbits of news from other websites time to time, so the content may be very NSFW!

Of course, reading this Blog is entirely optional, and we won’t be offended if you’d much rather peruse the mighty fine displays of British talent displayed on the Twitties UK website. But if you happen to unwittingly stumble upon this Blog and actually get a kick out of the stuff we happen to write, we’d appreciate a little support.

Go forth, spread the word of Twitties UK and the wonders held within – give us a Like on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter, and tell your hot friends to submit their images!

Article written by Sasha K

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