Bronia Stewart’s Babestation photographs in The Guardian

Babestation girls

A recent article in The Guardian goes into a little detail about Bronia Stewart’s time at the studios and how she found her experience among the babes and the producers…

Bronia spent around nine months with us at Babestation a while ago, indulging her fascination with people and work environments; including those within the adult industry.  She decided to focus on behind the scenes interactions, including the girls getting ready and their interactions with the producers and other members of staff.  It’s rare to see human interaction of this kind (particularly in the adult industry) portrayed so well in photogrpahs, but Bronia clearly shows the type of relaxed relationship our girls have always had with each other, with the production staff, and clearly with their job in general.

Bronia Stewart’s pic

This girls relax at the studio around their work colleagues and are happy to walk around naked most of the time because that’s simply what they’re going to be doing on the show anyway.  However, in The Guardian interview it’s lovely to read how Bronia seemed to feel so privileged …read more

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Article written by Sasha K

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