Holy Shit! It’s Doctor Buckby…

Lori Buckby

Wow!  Imagine if you will going for your check up and finding Lori Buckby sitting there all demure in a white coat…

Lori Buckby from Babestation is your new doctor!

Well, what could you say to that?

“Erm… Hello, aren’t you Lori Buckby from Babestation?”

“Well, yes I am,” she replies, “but I do other things too you know.”

“So you’re a doctor?” You ask.

“Yes I am, and I specialise in cock therapy,” she says as she begins to unbutton her white coat.

“Cock therapy?” You ask with a growing bulge in your pants.

“Yes, I check the functionality of your cock to make sure everything is ok.  Please get it out and we’ll check your arousal level.”

You stand there shocked to shit.  You realise that you’re still in the waiting room waiting to see the fat balding doctor you’ve seen for the last seven years, but you go with your fantasy for a moment or two; or at least until you get called.

You take out your cock and Lori can see that it’s as hard as Vinnie Jones already.

“Well, no problems with arousal then,” she says as she slips her coat off to reveal that perfect body you’ve been wanking over for …read more

Via: Babestation Blog

Article written by Sasha K

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