When Milves Neglect Their Children for Barbecues



Now and then a movie comes along that takes a snapshot of the porn lifestyle even as it also captures titan-breasted women getting “leche” on them.

“MILFs Like It Black 10″ finds Big D, Bugsi, and Tactics chilling in their rented porn shoot house on April 20. Big D, has just convinced his mom over the phone that he in not up to any trouble, and the gang kick back for a day of pot smoking and barbecue.

Seriously: Doesn’t that sound GREAT? There are few places in the world where the idea of relaxing in some absent Persian guy’s house is preferable to shooting porn. It suggests that things were pretty good already.

Naturally, though, the gentlemen decide to invite some women and/or hookers over.

“Invite all your loved ones,” Bugsi is ordered.

Blonde Hellie Mae Hellfire shows up first. Though she is a MILF, supposedly, no one says, “Where’s your damn kids?” Regardless, she blows a guy by the pool.

This scene had already done its work for me when Angelina Castro walked in. Buxom does not begin to describe her. A Latina force of nature, she balks in …read more

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Article written by Sasha K

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