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Temporary Hiatus – But We’re Still Here!

Temporary Hiatus – But We’re Still Here!

You’ve probably noticed that there has been a sincere lack of actual updates to the website recently. Whilst our Twitter and Facebook accounts are continuously pumping out gorgeous pictures from our archives, we know you’ll want some fresh content from time to time. Truth is, we’ve been working our butts off on some new, completely unrelated projects, and Twitties is… Read more →

Huge Milestone! Now Over 1000 Featured Babe Images!

Not much to really say about this, but… Woo-hoo! What started as a weekend hobby project has now developed into an amazing resource used by thousands of visitors all across the world to see the most beautiful British girls from Twitter. We’ve never been more popular, and we owe it all to the gorgeous babes we’ve featured on the Twitties… Read more →

Most Popular Babes Widget

Behold, yet another website update we’re spoiling you people with! If your eyes ever happen to linger right to the bottom of any of our main website pages, you’ll notice thats where our secondary navigation menu and Search box reside. Well, today we’ve added another neat little feature for you to explore: our Most Popular Babes list. This nifty widget… Read more →

Introducing our Upload Form

Here’s a little treat we’ve been working on for a few days now which we hope you’ll like – we thought we’d give you, our lovely fans, the chance to submit your own Babes for consideration on Twitties UK! Now, you’ll be correct in thinking that we already allow anybody to “Tweet” us pictures of any gorgeous chicks they stumble… Read more →

Facebook Cover Photo

New Twitter and Facebook Designs

In case you haven’t noticed already, this past weekend we were busy updating our Twitter and Facebook designs. Now, these social networks don’t really allow for extensive modifications, but they can certainly be modified enough to show-off a brand!   Our new designs bring our social network accounts closer in line with our original website branding, allowing for a far… Read more →

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome! It’s 2am on a random Saturday morning in October and for some reason we thought it’d be a neat idea to start our very own Twitties UK Blog – as if we don’t work hard enough trying to update the main website as it is! I guess the purpose of this Blog is to introduce you to the inner… Read more →